Eagle Spirit Gallery Representing Paul’s Native Work

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Surrounded by Canada’s best Native art work, the extraordinary West Coast monumental scuptures are impressive and compelling. These scuptures of great value not only represent the West Coast Native Artists of today, but they are an important historical reference for all collectors.

It is a privilege and honor to exhibit my work along side some of the most important sculptors of our time, not only complimenting my art work, but creating an ambiance, spiritually captivating and historically important–it is dramatic and breathtaking.

West Coast Masks were an essential part of important winter ceremonials, which re-enacted the adventures of hero-ancestors and spirit beings in the mythological past. The rights to these ritual dances were passed down in families as treasured privileges, and while the themes are similar, the ceremonies were complex and varied in detail from region to region. Some of these traditions are still maintained today.


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