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  1. Brad
    I love Paul's big forest paintings. Does he still do any or have any to sell?
  2. shannon stockwell
    i have your vancouver harbour picture with the lions gate bridge. i so love looking at it. it brightens up my days as i grew up in vancouver. thank you!
  3. Josu
    Siempre me ha emocionado su pintura. Compre sus primeros lienzos hace 35 o 40 años y los últimos hace 4. Tengo una colección muy interesante que he regalado parte a mis hijos. Gracias. ESKERRIK asko Ygartua por emocionarme con tu color con tus trazos mágicos. ESKERRIK asko. Gracias Paul. Espero volver a saludarte en Gorliz. Josu.
  4. i have one of your grandparents back garden where you shared outdoor family meals in the basque country. Love the outdoors that it brings into an otherwise dark dining room. I love it and so do many others. Merci! shahira
  5. Kelly Guigon
    Paul created a one of a kind masterpiece (well, 2) for my husband and I. We absolutely LOVE our paintings - they are truly breathtaking. You are an Amazing artist! We can't wait to see you in Paris again.
  6. Rick Morrow
    Our home has 4 of Paul’s paintings. All of them different all of them amazing. If you love art you must have one of Paul’s works!
    • Bill Granleese
      I have a painting you did for the Vancouver Rowing Club to celebrate their 100 th Anniversary in 2008. A large colourful painting of a rugby game at Brockton Oval. I enjoy it very much as it reminds me of when I was a player many years ago. Thank you.
  7. Margaret Verheyden
    I just saw a Port of Vancouver paining with a cruise ship in a retirement home. Would there be another one available for purchase, and for how much?
  8. Lucy Sepúlveda
    Fantástica tu obra Paul, he entrado en tu blog y en la Galería, realmente eres asombroso. Se nota la fuerza que pones en tu obra y el colorido de ellas me fascina. las que más me impresionaron fueron tus flores, es como un estallido de la naturaleza, Un abrazo y a seguir creando...que es tu pasión...tu vida.
  9. Dee Dietrich
    I have an original painting which I believe is The Three Generations. Any idea of value. Paul was painting it in a shop in Vancouver when my friend asked to but it.
  10. I have a print of "A World United" from Expo 1986. It is just beautiful!!! We opened a brand new branch In Coquitlam at that time. The picture was hung in my office to coumarate 1986 and my new branch as the Credit Unions sponsored the United Nations Building. I was the Manager of Westminster Savings Credit Union in 86. I left the Cr. Union in 94 and they asked me what I wanted as a going away gift. Well, the picture has been hanging in my home ever since. Thank You !!

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