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  1. Brad
    I love Paul's big forest paintings. Does he still do any or have any to sell?
  2. shannon stockwell
    i have your vancouver harbour picture with the lions gate bridge. i so love looking at it. it brightens up my days as i grew up in vancouver. thank you!
  3. Josu
    Siempre me ha emocionado su pintura. Compre sus primeros lienzos hace 35 o 40 años y los últimos hace 4. Tengo una colección muy interesante que he regalado parte a mis hijos. Gracias. ESKERRIK asko Ygartua por emocionarme con tu color con tus trazos mágicos. ESKERRIK asko. Gracias Paul. Espero volver a saludarte en Gorliz. Josu.
  4. i have one of your grandparents back garden where you shared outdoor family meals in the basque country. Love the outdoors that it brings into an otherwise dark dining room. I love it and so do many others. Merci! shahira
  5. Kelly Guigon
    Paul created a one of a kind masterpiece (well, 2) for my husband and I. We absolutely LOVE our paintings - they are truly breathtaking. You are an Amazing artist! We can't wait to see you in Paris again.
  6. Rick Morrow
    Our home has 4 of Paul’s paintings. All of them different all of them amazing. If you love art you must have one of Paul’s works!
    • Bill Granleese
      I have a painting you did for the Vancouver Rowing Club to celebrate their 100 th Anniversary in 2008. A large colourful painting of a rugby game at Brockton Oval. I enjoy it very much as it reminds me of when I was a player many years ago. Thank you.

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