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Sold paintings by artist Paul Ygartua

First time I bumped into Lennon was at the Crack pub opposite the Liverpool Art College. At the time, there was a drinking contest going on and the guys were able to drink a pint of beer in 3.5 seconds; John and I both agreed that we wouldn’t be able to do that. After my first encounter with Lennon, we met at the Cavern Club many times during their lunch hour sessions. During their break we would go for a beer at the Grapes, just across the street, often George and Paul and the gang would come as well. I had number 3 membership of the Cavern that year.

This was my first year at the Liverpool Art College and it was the last year at the college for John. I often went ahead to save a seat at The Grapes for the group as there was no drinking at the Cavern. The music was great, we all knew at that time, that they would make it big, even though they had to go to Germany before it all happened.

As I knew Lennon in the 60’s it is particularly meaningful when I paint him, taking me back to an extraordinary passage in my life.

Vancouver, Coal Harbour view with Pan Pacific sails in the background. This piece depicts skyscrapers and how they reflect off the west coast waters. Painted on acrylic and canvas – Purchase Now.