Future Conceptualism contemporary art for sale

Future Conceptualism is a reverse painted technique on transparent plexiglass using a technique similar to Cloisonne Enamelling, an ancient technique of the Chinese, (whose history can date back to over 500 years) whereby a single line is etched out depicting the subject matter, then each area painted separately creating a collage of color in a mosaic effect.

This is a complex technique, conveying a powerful presence–a mixed media mosaic cubistic style inlaid with gold or silver, creating the design and separating the colors.

It is a distortion of the subject matter, an original abstract with a sculptural effect. The element of lucidity is created through color separation combining florescent metallics, enamels and acrylics.

This medium I developed in 1986 and continued developing this style till the early 90’s. It is just recently, that I have re-entered the challenge of working with this extraordinary medium which allows me to experiment more with my design concepts creating an ultra modern effect.
A medium where I can express my sense of design with the freedom of expression with a controlled freestyle.

To achieve certain colors it is a combination of a process of blending metallics, bright enamels and acrylic fluorescents –creating the texture cannot be created in any other medium , the masking and the layering creates the cloisonne effect.

The intricacy and complexity of the design and texture is achieved through the process of the gold inlay separating the enamel and acrylic overlay–achieved through various processes of the layering of enamel and acrylics establishing a separation, creating the allure and elegance of a marbled texture.

The allure of the plexiglass is compelling , it captivates the viewer , as it is bold, expressive and unique The intensity of color, the subtleties of the use of the blending of metallics creates a reflective characteristic which changes in different lighting, a metamorphosis that beholds and mesmerizes the observer.