Paintings of International & West Coast Masks

I have always admired the culture and rituals of the west-coast natives in Canada and have had close relations with the famous Chief Dan George’s (Chief of the Tsleil-Waututh) son, Chief Leonard George who is also a collector of my work, giving me the opportunity to participate in many interesting projects with the Native People of Canada.


“I have been influenced and inspired by our First People of Canada in many ways – I find it enlightening and spiritually exhilarating when working with subject matter such as the Indomitable Spirit. I depict this journey of the indigenous people of British Columbia through their struggle and their cultural heritage of carving the great masks and totems. The masks are hidden, as if breaking out from the undergrowth in the forest —
a force that only nature can reckon with – creating a medium that includes brush and palette knife to carve in the subliminal shapes of the masks and totems.

I believe that it is important to be visually and emotionally moved by my work — to capture the strength of the indomitable spirit and to captivate the viewer is always a challenge that I particularly enjoy.”

Original Paintings of West Coast Masks for sale



Sun Mask – 6 x 4 ft Sold

Spiritual Dream – 3 x 5 ft

Spirits Visionary – 4 x 5 ft

Infinite Depth – 3 x 5 ft Sold

Cache – 4 x 5 ft Sold

The Happening – 4 x 4 ft Sold

Pot Latch – 5 x 4 ft Sold