Paintings of Carnival Masks for sale

Subject matter in each carnival is individual–but all carnivals are exciting, inspirational and bring a perfect palette of colour and movement for the artist.

The El Gallo, was in the heart of Venice, the owner of the hotel was infatuated with art and artists and we were treated royally. During the carnival there is an inexhaustible ambience of enthusiasm and excitement that captivates and inspires all writers and artists to the point of wanting to contribute to the exotic abundance of enjoyment. The Venice Carnival is one of the oldest in the world, going back 500 years, it is historical in its presentation of costumes from the Renaissance and it is notorious for the competitions for the most original mask and costume, bringing competitors and an international audience from all over Europe and the world.

In my work I endeavour to paint the individuality and passion of each carnival, bringing this traditional, joyful world event to other parts of the world.

Masks are a subject that I continually go back to, once you have been to a Carnival in Venice, those memories are always there, this is why it is such a joy to experience the Carnivals throughout the world, it is another world, where one can escape into another era, entertained by the exotic masks, the inventive costumes, it is like a medieval theatre.

The Volto – Masquerade Masks

Hidden Expression – 5 x 4 ft Sold

History of Venetian Masks
Every year, from February to March, Carnival in Venice is held. It started in 1168 as a celebration of victory of Republic of Venice against Ulrico, Patriarch of Aquileia, and became annual event until it was banned by King of Austria in 1797. It was again reestablished in 1979 and is again held annually. Carnivals in Venice are famous for its masks that everyone wears and are very specific.

Venetian Doll – 4 x 5 ft Sold